Work dynamics
我校驻村干部杜明生获“商洛市优秀驻村第一书记”荣誉称号 [Working Trends] Du Mingsheng, the village cadre of our school, was awarded the honorary title of "The First Secretary of the Excellent Village in Shangluo City" 2018/03/21
陕西日报:商洛学院师生25年的爱心接力 [Working News] Shaanxi Daily: 25 years of love relay between teachers and students of Shangluo College 2018/03/09
我校104名学生赴丹凤县顶岗实习 [Work dynamics] 104 students from our school went to Dinggang for internship in Danfeng County 2018/03/07
我校化材学院师生25年情系孤寡老人 [Working News] Teachers and students of our school's School of Chemical Materials for 25 years 05/03/2018
我校与丹凤县举行结对帮扶座谈会暨产学研政合作协议签约仪式 [Working News] Our school and Danfeng County held a pairing and support forum and the signing ceremony of the cooperation agreement 2018/02/27
我校驻镇安县和坪村扶贫工作队被授予“先进驻村工作队”称号 [Working News] Our school's poverty alleviation task force in Heping Village, Zhen'an County was awarded the title of "Advanced Village Task Force" 2018/02/26
我校结对帮扶丹凤县顶岗实习工作总结暨表彰会举行 [Working News] Our School Paired to Help Danfeng County Dinggang Internship Work Summary and Commendation Meeting Held 2018/01/24
我校西部计划志愿者赵笛:基层扶贫奉献青春 [Working Trends] Zhao Di, Volunteer of the Western Plan of Our School 2018/01/21
我校获批陕西省首批高校农民培训基地 [Working News] Our school was approved as the first batch of college farmers training bases in Shaanxi Province 2018/01/03
商洛学院:科技特派员帮扶创佳绩八招精准扶贫见实效 [Working Trends] Shangluo College: Special Commissioners of Science and Technology Help to Create Achievements 2018/01/03
我校“双百工程”座谈会暨“绿色食品产业产学研一体化”示范基地签约仪式在丹凤举行 [Working Trends] The signing ceremony of the "Double Hundred Project" Symposium and the "Green Food Industry Production-University-Research Integration" Demonstration Base was held in Danfeng 2017/12/22
党委书记龙治刚赴镇安县和坪村调研扶贫工作 [Working Trends] Long Zhigang, Secretary of the Party Committee, went to Heping Village, Zhen'an County to investigate poverty alleviation work 2017/12/14
我校参加科技部定点扶贫县柞水县科技扶贫项目签约仪式 [Working News] Our school participated in the signing ceremony of the science and technology poverty alleviation project of Laishui County designated by the Ministry of Science and Technology 2017/12/14
我校与森弗公司签订共建健康养生产业产学研一体化示范基地协议 [Working Trends] Our school signed an agreement with Sunfer Co., Ltd. to jointly build an industry-university-research demonstration base for the health production industry 2017/12/09
我校举办丹凤县中小学教师信息技术能力提升培训活动 [Working Trends] Our school held Danfeng County primary and secondary school teachers' information technology ability training activities 2017/12/06
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