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商洛学院2019-2020学年第二学期实验教学耗材采购项目询价成交公告 [Announcement] Announcement of Inquiry and Transaction of Experimental Teaching Consumables for Shangluo College in the Second Semester of 2019-2020 2020/01/02
关于公布2020年辅导员、医务室专岗招聘面试人员名单的通知 [Announcement] Announcement on Announcement of List of Interviewers for Counselors and Infirmaries in 2020 2019/12/28
商洛学院丹江校区实训中心装饰装修工程评标结果公示 [Announcement] Bid Evaluation Results of Shangluo College Danjiang Campus Training Center Decoration Project 2019/12/25
商洛学院工会2020年春节粮油采购项目中标公示 [Announcement] Successful Announcement of the 2020 Spring Festival Grain and Oil Procurement Project of the Trade Union of Shangluo College 2019/12/23
关于2015年、2016年新设本科专业建设情况自查材料的公示 [Announcement] Publication of self-examination materials on the construction of newly established undergraduate majors in 2015 and 2016 2019/12/20
商洛学院秦岭矿产资源综合利用及产教融合协同创新平台项目2号楼施工企业招标结果公示 [Announcement] Public Announcement of Tender Results for Building Enterprise 2 of Shangluo College Qinling Mineral Resources Comprehensive Utilization and Production-Education Integration Collaborative Innovation Platform Project 2019/12/17
关于商洛学院2020年辅导员、财务处及医务室专职工作人员招聘现场确认的通知 [Announcement] Notice on Confirmation of Recruitment Sites of Full-time Staff of Counselors, Finance Department and Medical Office of Shangluo College in 2020 2019/12/17
商洛学院工会2020年元旦春节粮油采购招标公告 [Announcement] Announcement on the Tender of Cereals and Oils for the New Year's Day of 2020 2019/12/13
商洛学院2019-2020学年第二学期实验教学耗材采购询价公告 [Announcement] Announcement of Inquiry for the Purchasing of Experimental Teaching Supplies for the Second Semester of 2019-2020 2019/12/13
商洛学院丹江校区变配电工程施工招标资格预审公告 [Announcement] Pre-examination Announcement of Tendering Qualification for Substation and Distribution Project Construction of Shangluo University Danjiang Campus 2019/12/13
商洛学院2020年第二批招聘教师公示 [Announcement] The second batch of recruiting teachers of Shangluo College in 2020 12/12/2019
商洛学院丹江校区建设项目A、B标段监理招标中标结果公示 [Announcement] Public announcement of the results of the bidding supervision of the bidding section A and B of the construction project of Danjiang Campus of Shangluo University 2019/12/03
商洛学院城乡规划与建筑工程学院双冷冻自动旋转水提取装置采购项目询价成交公告 [Announcement] Announcement of Inquiry and Transaction of Double-frozen Automatic Rotating Water Extraction Device for School of Urban and Rural Planning and Architectural Engineering, Shangluo University 2019/11/22
商洛学院档案数字化建设及校级重点培育学科(数学)设备采购项目磋商结果公告 [Announcement] Announcement of the Consultation Results of the Digital Construction of Shangluo University's Archives and the Procurement Project of Key Cultivation Discipline (Mathematics) Equipment 2019/11/22
商洛学院2020年财务处、医务室专职工作人员招聘简章 [Announcement] Recruitment of full-time staff of the Finance Department and Medical Office of Shangluo College in 2020 11/21/2019
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