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第1940期商洛学院2019年十大新闻 [Weekly News] The Top 10 News of Shangluo College in 2019 2020/01/07
垃圾分类新时尚二 [Video Information] Garbage Classification New Fashion II 2020/01/02
垃圾分类新时尚一 [Video Information] New Fashion of Garbage Classification 2020/01/02
第1939期2020年元旦晚会精彩纷呈 [Weekly News] The 1939 New Year's Day Party 2020 2020/01/02
2020年元旦晚会(上) [Video] New Year's Day Party 2020 (Part 1) 2020/01/01
2020年元旦晚会(中) [Video] New Year's Day Party 2020 (Chinese) 2020/01/01
2020年元旦晚会(下) [Video] New Year's Day Party 2020 (Part 2) 2020/01/01
第1938期党委书记龙治刚赴新疆伊犁调研指导实习就业工作 [Weekly News] No. 1938 Party Secretary Long Zhigang went to Yili, Xinjiang to investigate and guide internship employment 2019/12/25
第1937期我校举行2019年学生表彰大会暨社会捐资奖助学金发放仪式 [Weekly News] The 1937th issue of our school held the 2019 student commendation conference and social donation award ceremony 12/16/2019
第1936期2020届毕业生冬季综合类校园招聘会在我校顺利举办 [Weekly News] The 1936th 2020 Graduate Winter Campus Recruitment Fair was successfully held in our school 2019/12/11
第1935期我校2019年教育教学研讨会暨教学工作会顺利召开 [Weekly News] The 1935 issue of our school's 2019 education teaching seminar and teaching work meeting was successfully held 2019/12/03
第1934期我校举行优秀校友事迹报告会 [Weekly News] The 1934 issue of our alumni deeds report 11/26/2019
第1933期我校举行检视问题和整改落实交流会 [Weekly News] The 1933 issue of our school held an inspection meeting and rectification implementation exchange meeting 2019/11/18
第1932期商洛市2019年道德模范、身边好人巡讲进校园报告会在我校举办 [Weekly News] The 1932 issue of Shangluo City's 2019 ethical model 2019/11/13
第1931期商洛学院召开“不忘初心、牢记使命”主题教育领导小组会议 [Weekly News] No. 1931 Shangluo College Holds the Educational Leadership Group Meeting of “Do Not Forget Your Original Mind and Remember Your Mission 2019/11/05
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