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垃圾分类新时尚二 [Video Information] Garbage Classification New Fashion II 2020/01/02
垃圾分类新时尚一 [Video Information] New Fashion of Garbage Classification 2020/01/02
2020年元旦晚会(上) [Video] New Year's Day Party 2020 (Part 1) 2020/01/01
2020年元旦晚会(中) [Video] New Year's Day Party 2020 (Chinese) 2020/01/01
2020年元旦晚会(下) [Video] New Year's Day Party 2020 (Part 2) 2020/01/01
商洛学院庆祝新中国成立70周年暨“不忘初心、牢记使命”主题教育歌咏比赛 [Video] Shangluo College Celebrates 70th Anniversary of New China 2019/09/27
2019年全国推广普通话公益宣传片 [Video Materials] 2019 National Promotion of Putonghua Public Welfare Promotional Video 2019/09/17
商洛学院庆祝第35个教师节颁奖典礼全程录像 [Video] Shangluo College's 35th Teacher's Day Award Ceremony 2019/09/11
商洛学院2019年心理季活动 [Video] Shangluo College Psychological Season 2019 2019/07/18
商洛市创园办《创园宣传片》 [Video Materials] " Shangluo Chuangyuan Promotional Film" 2019/06/24
商洛学院:我和我的祖国“快闪” [Video] Shangluo College: My motherland and I "flash" 2019/05/21
歌曲:我和我的祖国 [Video] Songs: Me and My Country 04/16/2019
商洛学院2019年元旦晚会 [Video] Shangluo College New Year's Day Party 2019 2019/01/03
道德讲堂:不忘初心厚德善行 [Video] Ethics Lecture: Don't Forget Your Beginning 12/17/2018
2018高雅艺术进校园暨迎新晚会 [Video Information] 2018 Elegant Art Enters Campus and Welcome Party 2018/09/26
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