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新年致辞 [Party and Government News] New Year's Speech 2019/12/31
商洛学院2019年十大新闻 [Party and Government News] Top 10 News from Shangluo College in 2019 2019/12/31
我校教师陈敏荣获2019“武陵”杯·世界华语微型小说年度奖二等奖 [Teaching and Scientific Research] Chen Min, our teacher, won the second prize of the 2019 "Wuling" Cup · World Chinese Mini-Fiction Annual Award 2020/01/03
陕西省教育厅:陕西师生热议习近平2020年新年贺词 [Media Perspective] Shaanxi Provincial Department of Education: Shaanxi Teachers and Students Discuss Xi Jinping's New Year's Message in 2020 2020/01/03
我校召开新任处级干部党风廉政谈话会 [Party and government news] Our school held a new party-level cadre party style and clean government talks 2020/01/03
我校生物学院王洋博士荣获“2019年陕西高教系统岗位学雷锋标兵”荣誉称号 [Comprehensive news] Dr. Wang Yang from the School of Biology of our school won the honorary title of "Lei Feng pacesetter in Shaanxi Higher Education System in 2019 2020/01/02
我校驻村扶贫干部“四个融入”推动主题教育落地见效 [Comprehensive news] The "four integrations" of poverty alleviation cadres in our school promoting the implementation of theme education 2020/01/02
陕西省教育厅:庆元旦迎新年—陕西师生开展多种活动喜迎2020年 [Media Perspective] Shaanxi Provincial Department of Education: Celebrating New Year's Day and Shaanxi New Year-Shaanxi Teachers and Students Launch Various Activities to Welcome 2020 2020/01/02
党委书记龙治刚一行赴镇安县回龙镇和坪村看望慰问驻村扶贫干部 [Party and government news] Party Secretary Long Zhigang and his party went to Heping Village, Huilong Town, Zhen'an County to pay tribute to the poverty-stricken cadres in the village. 2019/12/31
我校召开三届七次教职工代表大会 [Party and government news] Our school held three sessions of the Seventh Staff Conference 2019/12/31
校领导检查指导期末考试工作 [Teaching and scientific research] School leaders inspect and guide the final exam work 2019/12/30
校长范新会一行参加全国新建本科院校联席会议 [Comprehensive News] Principal Fan Xinhui and his party participated in the National Joint Conference of Newly Established Undergraduate Universities 2019/12/30
我校“双百工程”爱心捐赠暨“放飞科技梦”公益科普活动在丹凤县举行 [Teaching and scientific research] The charity donation of "Double Hundred Projects" and the "public science and technology dream" charity popular science activity in Danfeng 2019/12/30
我校新增5个市级科研平台和4个市级科技创新团队 [Teaching and scientific research] 5 new municipal scientific research platforms and 4 municipal science and technology innovation teams 2019/12/30
党委书记龙治刚赴丹凤县调研“双百工程”产学研基地建设工作 [Teaching and scientific research] Long Zhigang, Secretary of the Party Committee, went to Danfeng County to investigate the construction of the "Double Hundred Project" production, education and research base 2019/12/30
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