Party and government news
新年致辞 [Party and Government News] New Year's Speech 2019/12/31
商洛学院2019年十大新闻 [Party and Government News] Top 10 News from Shangluo College in 2019 2019/12/31
我校召开新任处级干部党风廉政谈话会 [Party and government news] Our school held a new party-level cadre party style and clean government talks 2020/01/03
党委书记龙治刚一行赴镇安县回龙镇和坪村看望慰问驻村扶贫干部 [Party and government news] Party Secretary Long Zhigang and his party went to Heping Village, Huilong Town, Zhen'an County to pay tribute to the poverty-stricken cadres in the village. 2019/12/31
我校召开三届七次教职工代表大会 [Party and government news] Our school held three sessions of the Seventh Staff Conference 2019/12/31
我校举办2020年元旦晚会 [Party and Government News] Our School Holds New Year's Day Party 2020 2019/12/27
2019年度基层党组织书记抓党建述职评议考核大会召开 [Party and government news] The 2019 annual party organization secretary holds the party building review and review meeting 2019/12/27
党委会传达学习省委十三届六次全会精神 [Party and government news] The Party Committee communicates and learns the spirit of the Sixth Plenary Session of the 13th Provincial Party Committee 2019/12/27
校党委会专题研究统战工作 [Party and government news] The school's party committee specializes in united front work 2019/12/24
省政府教育督导委员会“一章八制”督导组来我校检查指导工作 [Party and Government News] The Provincial Government Education Steering Committee's "One Chapter, Eight Systems" supervision team came to our school to inspect and guide the work 2019/12/18
李育善《走过丹江》学术研讨会在我校召开 [Party and Government News] Li Yushan's "Walking Danjiang" Academic Symposium Held in Our University 2019/12/10
校级领导班子“不忘初心、牢记使命”主题教育专题民主生活会召开 [Party and government news] The school-level leadership team held the theme of "Don't forget the original heart, keep in mind the mission" democratic educational life conference 2019/12/06
校党委理论学习中心组专题学习《新时代爱国主义教育实施纲要》 [Party and government news] The school's party committee theory learning center group special study "Outline of Patriotism Education in the New Era" 2019/12/04
省委主题教育巡回指导组来我校调研指导工作 [Party and Government News] The Provincial Party Committee's Theme Education Tour Guidance Group Comes to Our University for Investigation and Guidance 2019/12/04
我校召开“追赶超越”工作领导小组会议 [Party and government news] Our school held a meeting of the "chasing and surpassing" work leading group 2019/12/03
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