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我校在第三届全省教育系统老干部工作调研报告评选中获奖 [Comprehensive news] Our school won the award in the third provincial education system work report 2020/01/10
我校召开2020年春节慰问教师座谈会 [Comprehensive news] Our school held a symposium on condolences to teachers in the 2020 Spring Festival 2020/01/08
商洛市2020迎新年美术精品展在我校隆重开幕 [Comprehensive News] Shangluo City 2020 New Year Fine Arts Exhibition Opens in Our School 2020/01/07
我校生物学院王洋博士荣获“2019年陕西高教系统岗位学雷锋标兵”荣誉称号 [Comprehensive News] Dr. Wang Yang from the School of Biology of our university won the honorary title of "Lei Feng pacesetter in Shaanxi Higher Education System in 2019" 2020/01/02
我校驻村扶贫干部“四个融入”推动主题教育落地见效 [Comprehensive News] "Four Integrations" of Village School Poverty Alleviation Cadres Promote the Implementation of Theme Education 2020/01/02
校长范新会一行参加全国新建本科院校联席会议 [Comprehensive news] President Fan Xinhui and his party participated in the National Joint Conference of Newly Established Undergraduate Universities 2019/12/30
“新年新气象新年建新功”登高活动举行 [Comprehensive News] "New Year, New Weather, New Year's New Achievements" ascend event held 2019/12/30
我校财务决算工作获省教育厅表彰 [Comprehensive News] Our University's Financial Statement Work was Commended by the Provincial Department of Education 2019/12/27
我校3件新闻作品获评2018年度“中国高校校报好新闻” [Comprehensive news] 3 news works of our school were awarded the "Good News of Chinese College Newspapers" in 2018 2019/12/27
我校离退休职工工作获省教育厅表彰 [Comprehensive News] Our school's work for retired employees was commended by the Provincial Department of Education 2019/12/25
健康管理学院开展健康文化进社区服务活动 [Comprehensive News] School of Health Management launches health culture into community service activities 2019/12/25
校领导赴广东调研指导校友工作 [Comprehensive news] School leaders went to Guangdong to investigate and guide alumni work 2019/12/24
市委督查组来我校专项督查意识形态工作 [Comprehensive news] The Municipal Party Committee's inspection team came to our school to specifically inspect the ideological work 2019/12/20
我校举办“认识诺如病毒、预防艾滋传染”专题讲座 [Comprehensive news] Our school held a special lecture on "Knowing Norovirus and Preventing AIDS Transmission" 12/16/2019
我校举办2019年冬季长跑接力赛 [Comprehensive News] Our School Holds the 2019 Winter Long Distance Relay 12/12/2019
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