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2016年健康活力大赛掠影 [Student World] A Glimpse of the 2016 Healthy Vitality Contest 2016/11/03
2016级新生军训拉练剪影 [Student World] 2016 freshman military training silhouette 2016/09/14
建工学院人文地理与城乡规划专业课程设计展 [Student World] Curriculum Design Exhibition of Humanities and Geography and Urban-rural Planning 2016/06/21
毕业生油画创作汇报展作品 [Student World] Graduate Oil Painting Creation Report Exhibition Works 2016/06/14
2016届美术学专业毕业作品展(国画专场) [Student World] 2016 Graduation Exhibition of Fine Arts (Chinese Painting Session) 2016/06/12
2016届美术学专业毕业作品展(设计专场) [Student World] 2016 Graduation Art Exhibition (Design Session) 2016/06/06
毕业生“和而不同”油画作品展 [Student World] Graduates "Harmonious but Different" Oil Painting Exhibition 2016/05/30
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