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Top 10 News from Shangluo College in 2019
2019-12-31 09:15   (Clicks: )

1. Our school steadily develops the theme education of “Don't forget the original intention and keep the mission in mind”


Since the launch of the second batch of "do not forget the original heart and remember the mission" theme education, our school has closely integrated the province's deployment with the actual situation of the school, and has carried out the study, education, research, inspection of problems, rectification and implementation throughout, and systematically and systematically promote the theme The education achieved tangible results, and was affirmed by the Provincial Party Committee's roving guidance group and widely recognized by teachers and students.

2. Our school launched a large-scale discussion on the educational thought of building a "first-class college"

On May 20th, our university held a mobilization meeting, which kicked off the prelude to a large-scale discussion on the construction of a "first-class college" educational thought. Subsequently, the whole school teachers and students participated in a series of activities such as thematic lectures, seminars, awarding ceremony of scientific research platform, lectures on advanced deeds of teachers and students, thematic essay, etc., and ushered in a new discussion with a new emancipation in thought and a new leap in work. The new development in the cause has further consolidated the ideological consensus and majestic strength of building a "first-class college".

3. Our school learns and preaches the spirit of the Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee in various forms


After the closing of the Fourth Plenary Session of the Nineteenth Central Committee of the Party, our school took the lead of lectures at the two levels of the school, special lectures on ideological and political lessons, integration of ideological and political lessons, and learning discussions in the theme classes. Achieve full coverage of teachers and students. The school leaders also went to Heping Town, Huilong Town, Zhen'an County, which is a poverty alleviation village in our school, to advance the poverty alleviation frontline to preach the spirit of the Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee.

4. Our school held a series of activities to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China

Since April, our school has organized teachers and students to sing "I and My Motherland", a large singing competition, a theme flag raising ceremony, a practice teaching performance, a patriotism report, a theme essay contest, a celebration celebration and a parade live broadcast, etc. The series of activities wished the 70th birthday of the great motherland, inspired teachers and students to turn their patriotism into practical actions, and worked tirelessly to realize the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

5.Our school won the Gold Medal of Higher Education in the Provincial Semi-final of the 5th China "Internet +" Contest Shaanxi Division


In 2019, the "Qinfeng Seed Industry: A Prosperous Seed and a Comfortable Life" project selected by our school won the Gold Medal of the Higher Education Main Track in the provincial semi-finals of the 5th China "Internet +" University Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition in Shaanxi Province, which is a department of similar institutions in Shaanxi The only school in the school that has won a gold medal on the main track. At the same time, it also won one silver award and four bronze awards in the competition.

6.Our school won the 2018 China Industry-University-Research Cooperation Promotion Award

On January 6, the 12th China Industry-University-Research Cooperation and Innovation Conference was held in Beijing. The meeting commended the advanced units and individuals who contributed to the 2018 industry-university-research cooperation, achievement transformation, and military-civilian integration. Our school won the "2018 China Industry-University-Research Cooperation Promotion Award", which is the highest honor established by the country for collaborative innovation of industry-university-research institutes.

7.Effectiveness of our school's three-year local action plan


In the past three years since the implementation of the local action plan of our school, teachers have given full play to the advantages of talents, professions and teaching resources, and cooperated with 267 local units to develop 290 local service projects, forming 19 books, 187 papers, 239 research reports, and patents. 34 projects, 65 derivative projects, 19 cooperative construction platforms, and 23 awards of various honors, have contributed experience and wisdom to Shangluo's economic and social development, and received unanimous praise from cooperative units and extensive praise from all walks of life. On June 5, 2019, the school convened a conference to summarize the results and experience of the local action plan for the past three years, and praised the advanced collectives and individuals of the local action plan.

8. Important breakthroughs in various fields


This year, our school has approved 3 national social science fund projects to achieve historic breakthroughs; relying on the "Shaanxi Provincial Mineral Resources Clean and Efficient Conversion and New Materials Engineering Research Center" set up by our school has been approved by the Provincial Development and Reform Commission and will become another one of our school. Provincial high-level scientific research platform with distinctive characteristics; teachers' enthusiasm for scientific research continues to increase, and both vertical and horizontal project funding has increased significantly. Scientific research funding has reached more than 20 million yuan, an increase of 120.2% over the previous year, of which vertical project funding increased 87.3 year-on-year. %, Horizontal project funding increased by 201.8% year-on-year; core evaluation data such as the impact factors and current indicators of the Journal of Shangluo University ranked first among similar colleges and universities in Shaanxi, and won the "National "Excellent Journal of Universities".

9. Construction begins on Danjiang campus of our school


On May 13, the construction of the student apartment buildings A and B of Danjiang Campus of our school started smoothly, marking that Danjiang Campus has officially started construction after overall planning and systematic preparation. A total of 4 buildings of Danjiang Campus have started construction this year. At present, the main parts of the Qinling Resources and Plants Innovative Utilization Engineering Center Project and the student apartment buildings A and B have been capped.

10. Our school was named "Civilized Campus" by Shangluo Municipal Committee and Municipal Government

On March 8, our school was awarded the title of "Civilized Campus" by Shangluo Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government. Since 2018, our school has solidly carried out the construction of civilized campuses throughout the school, creating a good atmosphere of "everyone knows and everyone participates," and realized the two promotion and double harvest of the establishment of a civilized campus and school center work.

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