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Our School Held a Talk on Party Style and Clean Government for Newly Appointed Cadres
2020-01-03 11:52   (Clicks: )

On January 2nd, our school held a talk on party style and clean government for newly appointed cadres. Long Zhigang, the Party Secretary of the school, and Wang Sihuai, the former Secretary of the School Disciplinary Committee, attended the meeting. Eleven new director-level cadres accepted the collective clean government talks and signed the Letter of Commitment to Integrity. Disciplinary Commission Deputy Secretary Liu Duansen chaired the meeting.


Long Zhigang accepted the “Promises of Integrity in Politics” one by one by the new cadres at the meeting, encouraging them to consciously fulfill the requirements of loyalty and cleanliness, keeping in mind their original mission and always being loyal to the party.

In the collective conversation, Wang Sihuai combined the positive and negative cases of ancient and modern times with the positive and negative cases of his own work and many years of work and thoughts. He warned 11 new cadres at all levels to stay tight and clean and self-discipline. Come strictly to yourself, always self-reflection, self-reflection, self-reliance, and play its due role in the school's "first-class college" construction. He put forward five requirements on how new cadres can change roles as quickly as possible and maintain integrity and self-discipline: First, they must have a firm foundation and conviction. Draw strength from exemplary deeds such as Huang Wenxiu, reflect on lessons from the corrupt trajectory of corrupt elements, adhere to the correct outlook on life, world outlook, and values, and consciously strengthen the tempering of party spirit in work. Faith Master Switch. Second, we must solve problems for the people. Keeping in mind the purpose of serving the people, consciously practicing the people-centered development concept, taking the fundamental interests of teachers and students as the starting point and end point of various tasks, making good use of the power given by teachers and students, and earnestly performing their duties for the benefit of teachers and students, Never forget who, for whom, and who I am. Third, we must be diligent and pragmatic. Keeping this key in mind in your work, you must pay close attention to the ideas and implement the two grasping points, which are divided into three levels: highlights, priorities, and foundations. By clarifying the situation, clarifying ideas, turning into policies, and sworn to implement the four steps, Work hard to achieve results and realize the value of life in seeking truth from facts. Fourth, we must dare to take charge of implementation. Always maintain high morale and full of enthusiasm, use the spirit of whoever we are to take care of the burden, in the pioneering work, work small and small, contribute to the school's development, and satisfy teachers and students. Fifth, we must lead by example. Firmly establish a sense of rules, resolutely implement the eight requirements of the Central Committee, keep in mind the specific requirements in the letter of commitment, double responsibility for one post, and double investigation for one case, strengthen the deterrence that does not dare to rot, fasten the cage that does not rot, and strengthen the ones that do not want to rot Consciously, strictly observe honesty and integrity, and give full play to the role of party members and cadres in demonstration.

Liu Duansen read the Letter of Commitment to Integrity. Wang Yi and Chen Wei made speeches on behalf of the new directors.

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