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“Four integrations” of poverty alleviation cadres in our school to promote the implementation of theme education
2020-01-02 17:45   (Clicks: )

In 2019, our school selected 3 cadres at the office level to serve as the first secretary and team members in Heping Village, Huilong Town, Zhen'an County, and devoted themselves to the village assistance work, providing a strong human guarantee for the fight against poverty. . Since the launch of the second batch of the theme education of “Do n’t forget the original heart and keep the mission in mind”, our school's village resident cadres have implemented the general requirements of “keeping the original heart, shouldering the mission, finding gaps, and grasping the implementation”, and have played an active role in integrating the theme education into In the daily work of party training, mobile classrooms, problem review, and poverty alleviation, households carry out visits and propaganda, find gaps, make up shortcomings, etc. to nourish the original intention, lead the mission, and promote the theme education in rural areas.

——Incorporating theme education into “Party training”. In accordance with the requirements of the Communist Party of China Huilong Town Committee on printing and issuing the "Implementation Plan for Developing the Theme Education of" Don't Forget Your Original Mind and Remember Your Mission ", Wang Hui, the First Secretary of the Village, has integrated the theme education into the topical party training on the basis of study and investigation. Since the beginning of this month, he has lectured to the village party cadres and representatives of the masses on "Reviewing the Beginning of the Heart and Moving Forward", "Not forgetting the Beginning of the Heart and Strengthening the Belief, Remembering the Mission and Carrying Out the Task-Become a Qualified Party Member in the New Era". During the training, Wang Hui joined the station Village practice, talk about personal learning experience, harvest, and ideological comprehension, explain the original intention and mission of the Communists "for the happiness of the Chinese people and the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation" in plain language, and advocate the majority of party members and cadres to keep in mind for the people The fundamental purpose of service is to keep in mind the people's longing for a better life. The training has promoted learning and education to go deeper, to the heart, to the real, to guide the majority of party members and cadres to consciously implement the party's fundamental purpose, to continuously strengthen the people's trust and confidence in the party, and to work together to promote poverty alleviation. Effective connection with rural rejuvenation has laid a solid foundation for accelerating rural transformation and upgrading.

——Integrate theme education into “mobile classroom”. In mid-to-late September, the CPC ’s Zhen'an County Party Committee issued the “Notice on Launching a“ Mobile Classroom ”in the Theme Education of“ Do n’t Forget Your Original Mind and Remember Your Mission ”. In view of the fact that the event is in the busy season of autumn harvest, some village party cadres have time Limited energy, coupled with the fact that some party members and cadres are too old or inadequate in culture to attend concentrated learning in the village. Combined with the reality of Pingcun, they set up a propaganda team with “four teams” as the backbone to carry out mobile propaganda in village courtyards and fields. As the backbone of the small team, the cadres of our school in the village have visited the house eight times and introduced the study and education into the entire process of production and life of the party members and cadres through preaching. The first is to learn the original text. The cadres in the village led village party members and cadres to study "Xi Jinping's Outline for the Study of Socialist Thoughts with Chinese Characteristics in the New Era," "The Chinese Communist Party's Code of Integrity and Self-discipline," and "The Regulations of the Chinese Communist Party on Disciplinary Action." The second is to tell the typical. Educating people with advanced models around them, leading party members and cadres to study and preach advanced deeds such as Zhang Fuqing, Huang Wenxiu, and Liu Xiyou. The third is interactive communication. Open up with party members and cadres, exchange ideas, share experiences, enhance the appeal and appeal of learning and education, and encourage each grassroots party member and cadre to truly participate, learn and put in. The fourth is "one-on-one" help learning. In order to prevent a party member from falling behind in this theme education, the cadres in the village assisted the old and weak party members with a low education level “one-on-one”, and timely conveyed the spirit of the party branch meeting and the higher-level party organizations on education. The relevant requirements of the activity help them find their own problems and achieve self-improvement.

——Integrate the theme education into the "five-to-five watching" activity. In early October, in accordance with the requirements of the Communist Party of China Huilong Town Committee's "Notice on Carrying out the" Five-to-Five Looks "among General Party Members and Cadres, and Promoting Grassroots Branches to" Remember the Original Mind and Remember the Mission, "the Educational Review and Rectification Requirements and the Heping Village Party Branch Work arrangements, the school's village work team seriously carried out better than the party spirit, to see who "two maintenance" is better than learning, to see who has a strong political ability, better than dedication, see who is responsible for superior performance, better than service, who It won the image of people's hearts. It was better than discipline, to see who complied with the discipline. "Five-to-five look" question review and rectification activities. Village members consciously benchmarked the table, and found out one by one and verified their own party spirit and responsibility. As specific problems in serving, serving the masses, observing discipline, and exerting roles, we analyze the root causes from political consciousness, ideology, work attitude, and work style, and insist on knowing and improving. Through question review and rectification, the understanding of party spirit, political ability, and dedication was further enhanced, and the spirit of acting as an officer and entrepreneurial spirit was further radiated. A good atmosphere of catching up with learning was achieved, and theoretical learning had gains and ideas. The goal of political baptism, daring to act as entrepreneurs, solving problems for the people, and setting an example with integrity.

——Incorporating theme education into “daily work”. Since the launch of the theme education, cadres in villages have insisted on learning while studying and reforming, and integrated the theme education into their daily work. The first is to hold at least one regular meeting of the "four teams" every week to carry out intensive study of thematic education. The first secretary in the village takes the lead in learning, reforming, and taking the lead in improving the quality and level of cadres' service to the people through heart-to-heart talks and communication. . Second, take home visits to publicize poverty alleviation, rural rejuvenation, two worry-free and three-guarantee, anti-crime, ecological protection, safe production, forest fire prevention, and love supermarkets as an opportunity to understand the issues and actual needs of the masses. Collect feedback and suggestions to help solve practical difficulties in life. The third is to grasp rural party building to promote poverty alleviation, guide village branches to standardize various basic-level organizational construction systems, and actively participate in village-level democratic management, industrial and collective economic development, and retirement of old housing sites, and complete information on poor households, management accounts, and policies. Understand the collection, entry, and statistical work of various types of data such as cards, policy checklists, etc., and vigorously promote the implementation of various assistance measures and continue to consolidate the results of poverty alleviation. Fourth, according to the fact that the village has many unmarried singles, many divorced families, many lonely elderly people, and many patients with disabilities, it provides spiritual assistance and psychological counseling to families in need, responds to life with a positive attitude, and inspires the masses to escape poverty and become rich Ben Xiaokang's endogenous motivation to enhance the happiness of the people's lives. Fifth, with the help of the “Shangluo Release” APP, “Do n’t forget your original heart and remember the mission” online question answering platform, organize party members to actively carry out online questions about the subject education knowledge. More than 70 party members in the village have participated in the questions and tested the theme education The results have improved the theoretical level of party members and cadres.

(Text / Wang Huitu / Wang Pan Yang Xianhua editor / Cui Qian review / Yu Xiaoqiang)

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