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Our teacher Chen Min won the second prize of the "Wuling" Cup 2019 World Chinese Mini-Fiction Annual Award
2020-01-03 16:19   (Clicks: )

Recently, the "Wuling" Cup 2019 • World Chinese Mini-Fiction Annual Awards was announced. Among the nearly 20,000 entries in the world, the novel "Treasure" of Chen Min, a teacher of the School of Humanities of our school, stood out and won the "Wuling" Cup 2019. The second prize of the World Chinese Mini-Fiction Annual Award is the only writer in Shaanxi Province to receive this award.

The selection of this year's award started in April 2019 and lasted 7 months. A total of 19,623 works by foreign writers (foreign works) from China, the United States, Germany, Canada, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, Singapore, and Australia were received. 3179). The selection of this award was selected by the "Fiction Selected Magazine" magazine, "Taiwan and Hong Kong Literature Selected Magazine" magazine, the World Chinese Minifiction Research Association, Changde Wuling District Party Committee Propaganda Department, Ministry of Education's Humanities and Social Sciences Research Project "Microliterature and New Literacy" The research team, "Mini-Fiction Monthly" magazine and other units jointly carried out, after three rounds of selection, 58 award-winning works were finally selected, including 1 special prize, 3 first prizes and 7 second prizes.

The 2019 "Wuling" Cup · World Chinese Mini-Fiction Annual Awards Awards Conference will be held in Wuling District in mid-to-late October 2020. At that time, the hardcover book "2019 Wuling Cup · World Chinese Mini-Fiction Annual Award Winning Collection" issued by the national-level publishing house Jilin Literature and History Press will meet with the readers.

It is reported that Chen Min's long narrative essay "Falling Stars" has also recently been published. This is the eleventh collection of works of the writer following the novel "Su Wu Beihai". The collection of works tells through 129 childhood scenes such as "Soul Stone", "Old Persimmon Tree", "Wolf", and "Iron Tooth Teacher", which brings together the writers' unforgettable memories that are unique to that era. The childhood situation, in the turn of "another bank" and "this bank", "metaphysical" and "metaphysical", wrote the aspirations and aspirations of the generation who grew up in the process of socialization and early reform and opening up to the great picture of the great motherland in the new era.

(Text / edited by Pan Jingren / reviewed by Wang Ye / Xiaoqiang Yu)

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