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Mingdao Channel is a guide and guide for the healthy growth of students-the first achievement of Professor Wang Sihuai, a famous teacher in Shangluo City
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Wang Sihuai is the first famous teacher of our university, the first famous teacher of Shangluo City, the famous teacher of Shaanxi University, the winner of the Second Prize of the Second Excellent Teaching Achievement of the Shaanxi Provincial People's Government, and the First Prize of the Excellent Teaching Achievement of the School. He is the first group of professional leaders appointed by Shangluo College, a special emergency management expert hired by Shangluo People's Government, a consultant of Shangluo Culture Research Association, and a member of the Shaanxi University Teachers Title Evaluation Committee. He has experience studying in a domestic party school, two key universities, and a foreign university. He presided over nearly 10 scientific research projects in provinces, municipalities and universities. He has held more than 100 lectures and reports on TV stations, party schools, enterprises and institutions, and has been invited to give lectures to "national training" students in and outside the city. He has published 5 monographs and textbooks, and won three times in Shaanxi universities for outstanding achievements in humanities and social science research. Whether teaching lectures in the lobby or small classes, he is generally welcomed by students, and the quantitative assessment of teaching has been excellent over the years. He is an "advanced individual" recognized by the Ministry of Education and an "advanced individual with professional morality in Shaanxi Province".

Standing on quality, he is a true "teaching teacher". Over the years, he has lectured on "History of the Communist Party of China" and "An Introduction to Mao Zedong Thought and the Theoretical System of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics". For more than ten consecutive years, he taught the party's history to the party school activist training class, taught to the students of the "national training" class in many large and middle schools in the province, and taught new teachers to the school. Every year more than 10 lectures are given to teachers, students and all walks of life in the school. The teaching effect has been generally welcomed. From the quantitative assessment published by the Academic Affairs Office in recent years, the satisfaction rate of the students in the class has remained the first or tied first in the department (department). The eighth issue of the "Guo Pei Plan" website of Shaanxi Province and the "Guo Pei Plan (2014)" work briefing of the province was titled "Three-foot Podium is the National Games, a Danxin Makes the Teacher's Soul". Introduced his teaching experience and experience in "national training".

Tempering justice with justice, he is a good teacher and friend of students. He highlighted two words to students: strict, love! In class, students can stand up at any time to supplement, affirm, and refute, but it is absolutely not allowed to have a mobile phone ring, late to leave and early to leave; he pays attention to the inadvertent penetration of students to do things and adapt to society. Several students found trouble in working in Xi'an during the summer vacation and immediately called him to ask what to do. After being employed in Fujian, a student often calls and writes to share happiness and discuss confusion. In addition, he also focused on cultivating students' critical thinking, and mobilized students to pick out nearly a hundred questions from a key point used by students and reviewed by the Ministry of Education, from knowledge points to citations, endnotes, punctuation, and so on. The dissertation was published, enabling students to appreciate the truth of "not just books". In his class, students are always energetic and attentive, and only hate time passing too fast! One party branch secretary once received a message from the student: "I feel very lucky to finish the party class in the morning. I can hear Mr. Wang Sihuai speak such a good party class, as it is said: listen to Jun's words, read a book for ten years. At the same time, my heart is full of gratitude, thank you for giving me this opportunity to take a party class. Thank you! "

Keeping pace with the times, he is a pathfinder of teaching reform. He often tells colleagues that under the premise of unified syllabus, unified textbooks, and equal class hours, how can you be better than others? The update of teaching content and the reform and innovation of teaching methods have become the key. In terms of teaching content reform, he attaches great importance to the updating and improvement of knowledge. He carried out the "forward expansion" and "retreat" reforms of the "Introduction" course, and won the first prize for outstanding teaching achievements of the school in November 2004; the second prize for outstanding teaching achievements of the provincial government in April 2005; It was rated as an excellent course in ordinary colleges and universities in Shaanxi, and it was the only course of "Introduction" among the 101 excellent courses in the province. In the reform of teaching methods, the "five-step teaching method" is another practical exploration based on the "forward expansion" and "retreat" reform of the teaching content of the "Introduction". Articles published by my colleagues are summarized as one of the several representative ideological and political teaching reform methods in the country. Professor Lu Lige of Xi'an Jiaotong University fully affirmed the "five-step teaching method". In July 2010, the "Five-step Teaching Method" was well received by experts and representatives at the summer course for the key teachers of the "Introduction" course in Shaanxi universities. Lu Lieying and many other well-known experts in the province carried out the "Five-step Teaching Method". After the appraisal, I gave guidance and affirmation. In March 2013, the "Five-step Teaching Method" was awarded the Second Prize for Excellent Teaching Achievements by the People's Government of Shaanxi Province (SJX132071). In November 2013, he hosted "Practice and Promotion of the" Five-step Teaching Method "in the Teaching of Ideological and Political Courses" and "Exploration of Narrative Teaching Models of the Course of Introduction to Basic Principles of Marxism" hosted by Wang Qiang of Northwest University. The Ministry of Education participated in the national competition.

Learning is endless. He is a climber who is not afraid of hardships. He disagrees that scientific research is a matter of research universities, and that application universities are mainly teaching that the two are separated. "Teaching with research, research promotes teaching" is his consistent approach. He has published more than 60 research and teaching papers of various types in newspapers and periodicals such as "Northern Studies", "Heilongjiang Higher Education Research", "Journal of Henan University", and "Theoretical Guide", including more than 10 core journals. The "Party Course of Colleges and Universities" edited by the university won the third prize of outstanding achievements in humanities and social science research in Shaanxi universities; the published monograph "Deng Xiaoping Theory and the Important Thought of the" Three Represents "was awarded the third prize of outstanding achievements in humanities and social science research in Shaanxi; The monograph "Shangluo Intangible Cultural Heritage Research" won the third prize of outstanding achievements in humanities and social science research in Shaanxi universities, and was named one of the top ten popular science works in 2013 in Shaanxi Province by the Provincial Association of Social Sciences, and designated by the Shangluo Intangible Heritage Protection Center It is a training book for non-heritage staff at all levels, and has been designated by relevant government departments as a reference book for leaders at all levels to guide non-heritage work. It has been downloaded over 3,000 words in the "Summary of the Research on the Theoretical System of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics Since the Seventeenth National Congress" published by the China Knowledge Network. On the special edition of “Expert Consultation Two Courses” carefully planned by the “Social Science News” of the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, he is the only one with Lanzhou University, Fudan University, Nankai University, East China Normal University, Renmin University and other key universities Ordinary teacher of "consultation two lessons".

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