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Wang Yang: Inheriting Lei Feng's Spirit and Striving for Ideals
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Wang Yang, a native of Zhen'an County, Shangluo City, Shaanxi Province, holds a doctorate degree in agricultural science and a master's degree supervisor. He graduated from Northwest A & F University with a major in agricultural insect and pest control, and conducted a two-year joint doctoral training at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. After graduating with a PhD in 2017, he resolutely gave up employment opportunities in many provincial capital cities, returned to his hometown without hesitation, and taught at Shangluo College. In December 2019, he was awarded the honorary title of "Lei Feng pacesetter in Shaanxi Higher Education System".

Based on the post, hard-working and pragmatic. After working, Wang Yang insisted on taking up his post, practicing the spirit of Lei Feng, dedicating himself to his post, regardless of the winter and summer vacations, and working hard to carry out teaching work, scientific research, and the provincial superior discipline-"biology" discipline. Construction. He gives full play to his professional and scientific expertise, is rooted in the Shangluo land, actively responds to the characteristics of talent cultivation in schools, launches innovative and entrepreneurial education for college students, builds a scientific research and innovation team in line with regional industrial development, practises science popularization, and rewards society and the country for their own to cultivate.

Lide tree people, work hard. Virtue is the foundation of a teacher. As a teacher, Wang Yang is a model for others. He uses his personality charm to move people, to influence others, to turn his commitment to his career and his care for students into conscious actions, and to lead his colleagues actively. Be enterprising and work hard. He has also actively applied for many times as a class teacher, combining Xue Leifeng with student education, promoting the core values of socialism, promoting the healthy growth of students, and cultivating useful talents for the country. He has been approved to construct one online course on innovation and entrepreneurship in Shaanxi Province, guiding students to obtain two national-level university students' innovation and entrepreneurship projects, and won honorary titles such as "Excellent Class Teacher", "Excellent Annual Assessment" and "Excellent Graduation Thesis Instructor" from Shangluo College. He also actively participated in teaching research and teaching reform, promoted the construction of "first-class colleges" and provincial "disciplinary disciplines" at the university, and was employed by provincial superior disciplines-"biology" disciplines, "young academic backbones", and master's degree students outside Northwestern University Tutor, currently supervises 2 graduate students.

Hard work and dedication . Wang Yang is dedicated to the research of agricultural insects and pest control related fields. He has carried out field investigations for more than 250 days, accumulated a large amount of scientific research materials for the herbarium of our school, and discovered and reported 16 new species. He chaired and participated in 6 scientific research projects at all levels, and published 12 SCI papers as the first author, 2 of which were in the JCR area. Due to his contribution to biodiversity research, he was appointed by the Tuan Provincial Committee of Shaanxi Province as the first group of “Qinling Eco-Environmental Young Scholars” in 2019.

Based in Shangluo, serve the place. It is Wang Yang ’s greatest wish to use his own scientific research results to promote the rapid development of Shangluo. Based on the regional development of Shangluo, Wang Yang presided over the establishment of a research team in Shangluo—the “Qinling Chinese herbal medicine pest and disease disaster mechanism and green prevention and control innovation team”. He and his team traveled to important planting bases of traditional Chinese medicinal materials in Shangluo City on holidays and collected more than 800 disease and insect specimens. The construction of a database of disease and insect pests in Chinese medicine materials in Shangluo City has been initially completed. Aiming at Shangluo's characteristic Chinese medicinal materials and forest fruit industries, the use of natural enemy insects such as praying mantis and plant resources such as Atractylodes chinensis, walnut green peel, etc., focuses on the green prevention and control of leafhoppers and other thorn-sucking pests, reducing pesticide application 2-3 times, and reducing pesticides per muping. Invest 40 to 60 yuan to reduce the amount of pesticide residues and ensure the quality of Chinese medicinal materials. Through technical promotion, a group of production management, technical staff and farmers who understand green prevention and control technology have been cultivated. Green prevention and control technology has improved the agro-ecological environment and increased the number of natural enemy populations, which has ensured the healthy development of the Chinese herbal medicine industry in the region. These efforts have promoted the sustainable development of reducing pesticides and increasing efficiency of the Chinese herbal medicine industry in Shangluo, and further increased the development and utilization of Qinling biological resources.

Be grateful and give back to society. Wang Yang grew up in the countryside and understands the great significance of science popularization to basic education. Therefore, he is committed to science popularization and pays attention to the social education function of scientific research. At present, he has completed the compilation of the popular science textbook "Muwangshan Insect Ecology Book", participated in the Shaanxi Provincial Scientific Experiment Exhibition Competition and won the third prize. Improve the quality of township basic education and the scientific and cultural quality of students in poverty-stricken areas to provide more support, actively guide primary and secondary school students to establish a scientific awareness of ecological protection, and spare no effort to contribute to the society's personal strength.

The happiest thing in the world is to fight for ideals. Wang Yang actively implements the core values of socialism in his working life, consciously inherits the spirit of Lei Feng, loves his job and dedication, and constantly strives to achieve his ideal!

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