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     Shangluo College insists on teaching as the center, deepens teaching reform, carries out in-depth education and teaching research and practice, attaches importance to teaching content optimization, teaching method reform, and practical teaching innovation. It firmly adheres to the road of connotative development and transformation and development. The existing applied chemistry, Biotechnology, computer science and technology, Chinese language and literature, four provincial first-class majors, is the "practical education, innovation and entrepreneurship base" in Shaanxi Province. In recent years, he has obtained 30 undergraduate teaching engineering projects reflecting the teaching level, presided over more than 80 provincial-level education reform and research projects, and won 2 first-class awards and 2 second-class awards from the Shaanxi Provincial People's Government. There are 159 internship training bases. The School of Chemical Engineering and Modern Materials and the School of Biomedicine and Food Engineering have been approved as the construction units of the Pilot College (Department) of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Reform in Shaanxi Province.

The school regards Lideshuren as the fundamental goal, adhering to the university spirit of "self-improvement and endless perfection", the school-running philosophy of "advocating education for practical application", and the school motto "knowing the right way and doing well", insisting on continuous optimization Talent training plan, innovative talent training mode, focusing on the cultivation of applied talents and students' autonomous learning ability, adjusting the ratio of public courses to professional courses, practical courses and theoretical courses in accordance with the "double forty-six" talent training model, and insisting on classified training. Encourage innovation and entrepreneurship, and encourage students to participate in various extracurricular innovation and entrepreneurship practice activities.

The school adheres to the school positioning of “based on Shangluo, facing the local areas, serving the grassroots, cultivating applied talents for basic education, economic culture and ecological civilization construction, building a multi-disciplinary and coordinated development of application-oriented undergraduate colleges”, and actively launching a “rooted local action plan” . All teachers in the school enter the government, enterprises, institutions, communities, villages, go to the grass-roots level, serve the locality, actively carry out school-site, school-enterprise cooperation, broaden teachers 'horizons, improve teachers' practical ability, and promote the construction of a "double teacher" teacher team , To enhance the school's ability to serve regional economic and social development, and to promote the pace of construction of school-based application universities. 、教育部、人社部 确定为产教融合 发展工程应用型 高校 In 2016, it was identified by the National Development and Reform Commission , the Ministry of Education, and the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Affairs as an application-oriented university for the integration of production and education .

The school thoroughly implements the implementation opinions of the construction of "first-class universities, first-class disciplines, first-class colleges, and first-class majors" in Shaanxi Province, earnestly absorbs the latest development results of higher education at home and abroad, comprehensively promotes the construction of the connotation of undergraduate education, actively transforms and innovates, and strives for first-class application. M.  

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