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年及以前 2012 and before


年物理学专业基础课教学团队 Teaching Team of Basic Courses in Physics in 2011

年商洛及陕西历史述略 Brief History of Shangluo and Shaanxi in 2003

年新建本科院校汉语言文学专业高素养应用型人才培养模式创新实验区 Innovative Experimental Area for Training Mode of High-literacy Applied Talents of Chinese Language and Literature Specialty in Newly Established Colleges and Universities in 2009

年中药资源 Chinese Medicine Resources in 2009

Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center

In 2010

Applied Chemistry

商洛学院-陕西锌业有限公司理科实践教育基地 2012 Shangluo College - Shaanxi Zinc Industry Co., Ltd. Science Practice Education Base



年植物学科课程教学团队 Teaching Team of Botany Course in 2012

年毛泽东思想和中国特色社会主义理论体系概论 An Introduction to Mao Zedong Thought and the Theoretical System of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in 2005

年生物技术专业人才培养模式创新实验区 Innovative experimental area for talent cultivation model of biotechnology specialty in 2012

年大学物理 College Physics 2011

Experimental Teaching Center

2011 year





年大学计算机基础 University Computer Basics 2006






年药用植物学 Medicinal Botany in 2008






年教师表达技能 Teacher expression skills in 2010






年有机化学 Organic Chemistry 2011






年生物化学 2012 Biochemistry







Chinese Language and Literature Major Literature Core Teaching Team

Chinese Modern and Contemporary Literature


Chemistry Experiment Teaching Center


- 西安民诺软件科技有限公司实践教育基地 Shangluo College - Xi'an Minuo Software Technology Co., Ltd. Practice Education Base

Chinese Language and Literature







国家级) Applied Chemistry ( National)

2014 year

Basic Chemistry Teaching Team

升级) Introduction to Mao Zedong Thought and the Theoretical System of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics ( Upgrade )





computer science and Technology


升级) University Computer Foundation ( Upgrade )







升级) Medicinal botany ( upgraded )






2015 year

Computer Science and Technology Major Course Teaching Team

computer network







Principles of Chemical Engineering






2016 year




Food Science Comprehensive Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center




2017 year




Virtual Simulation Experimental Teaching Center for Electrical Engineering and Automation





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