The Qinling Mineral Resources Showroom was built in August 2014 with a total area of 150 m 2. It is the first showroom in the country to exclusively display Qinling raw ore, tailings and products.

The Shangluo area has experienced the Caledonian movement, Hualixi movement, Indosinian movement and neotectonic movement, as well as the fold return process of the Utchi Trough in the geological history. Frequent magmatic activity. The fault structure, magma and hydrothermal activity provide favorable conditions for mineralization and form rich mineral resources. At present, Shangluo has more than 60 kinds of proven mineral resources, more than 500 places of origin, 46 kinds of proven reserves, 15 large-scale deposits and 24 medium-sized deposits. Rutile and potassium feldspar reserves rank first in the world, vanadium ore reserves rank first in the country, iron ore reserves rank second in the country, molybdenum reserves rank third in the country, gold reserves rank fourth in the country, and 14 species rank in the province First, 13 species rank second in the province.

The Qinling Mineral Resources Showroom includes a sand table model of mineral resources distribution and three exhibition areas. The sand table model shows the topography, traffic, water system and distribution of mineral resources in Shangluo. The raw mineral exhibition area displays 62 kinds of raw ore samples and nearly 300 samples in Qinling area. , Which includes ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, non-metals, etc .; the tailings exhibition area shows more than 150 kinds of tailings and waste slag samples generated by the development and utilization of mineral resources in Shangluo area; the product exhibition area shows the use of raw ore, concentrates and tailings processing. Into more than 80 kinds of products.

The Qinling Mineral Resources Showroom comprehensively displays the diversity of Qinling mineral resources, the current status of the development and utilization of mineral resources, and the results achieved in the comprehensive utilization of tailings resources. It fully reflects the development and utilization of mineral resources in Shangluo City, and can provide comprehensive information for the mineral resources of Shangluo City. Development and utilization provide data support and become a bridge and link to "turn waste into treasure", effectively promote the construction of a national mineral resources comprehensive demonstration base and a circular economy demonstration city in Shangluo City, and provide water for the country's "South-to-North Water Transfer" (center line) Provide security.

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