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I. University Spirit: Self-improvement and Endlessness

"Persistent self-improvement" refers to being consciously active, motivated, and never slacking off. The earliest seen in "Zhou Yi · Qian": "Tian Xing Jian, a gentleman is constantly improving." Later, in the Jin dynasty, Jingtao of Taoism in the Jin Dynasty took the motto of "self-improvement" as inspiration, hard work, and repeated fighting merit. There are records in the history books of "Tao Kan, a long-term diligent, self-improvement".

"Stop being the best", saying "Book of Rites · University": "The way of university is in Mingmingde, in the people, and in the best." It means that through unremitting efforts to perfection and then stop, that is to say, do not stop your efforts until you reach a perfect state. The great Confucianist Zhu Xi of the Song Dynasty elaborated on "stopping to the best": "the stopper must be the meaning of never changing; the best is the most logical thing. It is clear that both morals and the people must stop at the best", It is necessary to reach a perfect state.

School name

"Shang" was written by Zhao Mengfu, a well-known painter in the Yuan Dynasty and one of the four masters of Kaishu;

"Luo" is the face of one of the four famous politicians, calligraphers, and regular script in the Tang Dynasty.

Written by Zhenqing

"Learning" was written by Tang Li, a calligrapher of the Tang Dynasty;

"Yuan" was written by Mi Song, a calligrapher of the Northern Song Dynasty.


Third, the idea of running a school: Shangjiao is essential for the practice of learning

Its meaning is: advocating education and serving students; practical application is very important. Combining with our school's reality, it can be understood as: advocating education, respecting teachers, attaching importance to teaching, and putting students first; focusing on improving students' practical ability and accomplishment; on the basis of "application", further promote the school to apply to undergraduate courses of applied technology Institutional transformation and development.

Fourth, the school motto: Bo Wen Qiang goes straight

The school motto of the school is "Historical Records", which means to learn from all sources, and to make a thorough understanding;


Fifth, school style: productive learning

The first sentence is from "Wenxin Diaolong", which means: accumulate knowledge, discerning reasoning; the last sentence is from "Book House Yuangui", which means: respect for virtue and praise good deeds. That is, accumulate knowledge and discern truth; respect respect for virtue and advocate good deeds.

Sixth, teaching style: re-education to keep track of the new

"Re-education", saying "Book of Rites," means: attach importance to education; "Acts," saying "filial piety," means: seeking truth; "stay right," saying "Historical Records," meaning: adhere to the right way ; "Creating New" means "Han Dian", which means: pioneering and innovative. That is, attach importance to education and seek truth; adhere to the right path and open up innovation.

7. Style of Study: Discipline, Shang Deming Discipline

"Diligence", the phrase "East View of Han Dynasty" means: diligent study; "Shangde" means: advocating virtue; "Clear discrimination", saying "Book of Rites", meaning: distinguish between right and wrong; , Saying "Book of Rites", meaning: pure and practical. That is diligent study, advocating morality; distinguishing right from wrong, pure and practical.

School badge


The school emblem includes emblems and badges. The school badge is a symbol of the school.

The emblem of our school is round. Above the red circle is the white Chinese school name "Shangluo College", and the lower part is the English school name; the middle is the English "SHANGLUO" abbreviation "SL" and the flying crane, combining the name of the school and the school location.

The school badge is a rectangular badge with the name of the school worn by staff and students. The background color of the badge worn by faculty and staff is red, and the color of the school name is white; the background color of the badge worn by students is blue, and the color of the school name is white.

Nine, school song

Our school song is written by Mi Zhongliang, a teacher of our school, and the famous composer Wang Liping composes "Straight Road to Become a Beam".

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